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Learning More About Your Options of Natural Stone Products

Natural stone products have been a popular choice among various surfaces used at home and in the office. In the current market, you have a wide array of natural stone products for your choosing. Despite these many choices, first-timers find it quite amusing and challenging at the same time to select the right stone products for whatever project they have in mind. For those who still want to learn more about their options of natural stone products, then you have come to the right place. What follows here is a list of popular Greensboro granite products that have been used in a lot of renovation and construction projects as well as surfaces.

Even if there are varied natural stone products from around the world, what remains popular to this day include marble, granite, quartzite, quartz, soapstone, and travertine. These are the most popular stone options because the creation of any natural stone surface renders them more durable and practical. The top three natural stone products always include marble, granite, and quartz in varying order. You will get a short glimpse of each natural stone product and what it has to offer. Knowing about their properties will help you decide better which one you should get for your next renovation or construction project using natural stone products. Get more facts about countertops at

Granite is essentially a hundred percent made of natural stone. It is an igneous rock. In terms of durability, granite is extremely durable. You will have a hard time breaking this stone, and it is also scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. The patterns and colors you see in granite vary extremely from exotic streaks and swirls to speckled patterns. Despite the fact that marble granite & quartz countertops are famous byproducts of this natural stone, you will learn that you can use this same stone product on varying surfaces.

In combining recycled natural stone and resin, pigments, and polymers, you also get the engineered stone product, namely quartz. This is a natural stone that is very much durable. The resin present in quartz adds another layer of protection from scratches and spills. Unlike other natural stone products, quartz don’t require any sealant that is why it is more maintenance-free. Quartz designs also vary in numbers in more way than one. This natural stone product is great for any surface too.

With high pressure and heat for a long time, you get the metamorphic rock you call marble. Unfortunately, you don’t get the same level of durability in granite in marble. Though marble resists heat, it is a softer stone that when you don’t care for it, it gets scratched, broken, or stained easily. The basic and natural hues of marble are the reason why it is a material with a timeless and classic look. For the surrounding area of your fireplace and your bathroom vanity tops, choose this material.

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